Sunday, April 21, 2013

Last Pictures of Trip Home

I think my dad should start a car washing business after he retires. Don't you think?
 I really can't go home without washing a car. This is the car I drove in high school. All of my other sisters drove it as well.  My dad has finally put a For Sale sign in the windshield. It will be sad to see it go, but my parents don't have anyone else to drive it.
 While we were washing the kids were playing. And yes I don't think Austin or Blake got dressed that day
 My mom pulled out some old toys my dad played with. My grandma saved EVERYTHING
 Time for a haircut!!! Doesn't this hair look horrible!
 He did so well since we bribed him with a cookie!
 Blake got his haircut too.  All my mom did was cut the mullet off the back.  Here they are checking out there new Hair Do's.
 Austin tackling grandpa.
 Grandma and Grandpa trying to get a picture in before we left the next day
 We went to the single branch FHE since my parents are serving there.  They were so nice and let Austin play soccer with them. In his cowboy hat. He sure looked Texan
Austin showing off his mad skills!
 Austin begged grandpa to get the remote control helicopter out to fly.  Good thing since I'm not sure when the last time grandpa flew it
Austin finally brings grandpa down.  We had a really fun visit!  My mom had spring break the week we were there so we got lots of time together.  She was so nice to let me go running every morning and it was fun to run and see some old sights.  I think College Place and Walla Walla are getting prettier and prettier every time I go.  Either that or it was soooo nice to see green grass and farm fields!

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