Monday, July 22, 2013

Blake Turns 2

 Wow! 2 years old already?  I can hardly believe it.  He is growing up and talking so much though.  And he's definitely got an attitude and temper that comes along with 2 year olds.  But he's still my sweet precious baby Blake to me. That is "baby" until the next one is here.
 Tyler got this train table at an auction for a stealin' deal.  We just had to dust everything off piece by piece before I let him take it in the house.  The boys LOVED IT! They woke up this morning and headed straight to it.
 Church that day sure did wear everyone out.  I had to wake them up so we could go eat dinner at a friend's house.
 Blake blew out his candles right before the end of the song and I was not ready for that!  So I made him fake blow for the picture.
 Mini cupcakes were a hit! and so much easier to eat than the regular size ones.

At one point all the attention was on Blake.  He usually quiets down and puts on his no smile face but he got really funny and started making funny faces at everyone and laughing really hard.
 More funny faces
Love his blue eyes!

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