Monday, July 8, 2013


 The Bump Saturday morning (14 weeks)
 The Bump Sunday night (14 weeks) - now do you believe me that my stomach is huge already??!!! To mothers with 3 or more it normal to have a larger belly at 14 weeks than at 22 weeks with the last kid???!!! I'm starting to get nervous. Maybe I'm growing another 9 lbs-er or larger.
 Tyler got me a 4 hour session of archery from Groupon for my birthday.  Even though it was steaming hot outside - we decided to use it now rather than later.  I would be larger and it would be hotter.  At least we were in the trees.  They did have some indoor ranges as well but it was a lot more fun to be outside and go from animal to animal.
 We invited our friends, Bonnie and Spencer along to join the fun.  Bonnie has shot many times before! I never knew she was so good!
 I definitely could see myself getting in to this hobby.  I felt pretty cool! haha.
 Tyler shooting a long ways away.  We did spend some time looking for the arrows that missed.  If any were broken or lost it was $10 a pop!!!!! We got lucky and found two or three extras and broke one so we came out ahead.
 Bonnie shot the turkey right through the head! It was pretty awesome.
 Here's Spencer, trying to keep up with his wife. :)
 I didn't realize we were supposed to look tough for the picture.
It was a fun 5 hours to be away from the kids! Thank goodness we had an awesome babysitter!

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