Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our Week in a Nutshell

I hosted playgroup at my house this past week.  My friend brought this pvc pipe creation that shoots water that her husband built and they are going to give it to us since they're moving! 
 It was so hot I bet all the mom's wanted to run through too.  Thank goodness everyone brought snacks to share.

Next, we dressed up like cows to get a free meal at Chick Fil A on the 12th.  Sooo worth it!

 Blake didn't like his costume sadly.  I still brought the pieces as proof that he did have a costume so he would still get a free meal.  They are so nice.
 Austin followed the cow around for a LOOOONG time! He wouldn't even come eat his food.  I'm sure the cow was happy when we left.  Austin wanted to get a cow after that.

Today we went to the Weatherford Peach Festival.  I'm a sucker for GOOD peaches! By far my favorite fruit.  We headed to the ice cream booth right when we got there.  Good thing because it was sooooo incredibly hot we were sweating after being outside for 2 minutes. 

 Blake loved the ice cream too.  You just can't say no to that face can you?
 Happy Face!
What a cool sign!

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