Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

 Tyler has been wanting to add more accessories to the treehouse for a while and the other night he got to work.  He drilled holes in this old wagon we picked up off the side of the road,(the wheels were broken) and tied some rope through them.  Now it works perfectly and swings really well.
 Austin and Blake can both sit in it but Austin wanted to get out and push Blake.  And that is fine with me!
 Tyler pulled out the ceiling fan in our bedroom that was 100's of years old (Ok, maybe 50) and took the pulley from it and hooked it up to the treehouse! Now Austin can pull his bucket up and down with no hassle.

 The boys were excited to be in our annual 4th of July parade at my friend's house.  We brought their bikes and decorated them for about a half hour and then got all the kids onto the street in front of her house and they went down and back.
 I told Blake to show me his crazy face.
 You can see some Turbo Fire coming out the back.  He's going really fast.
 Just about the start!
 Of course we had to get a picture of everyone before we let them loose.
 And we're off!
 We even had some confetti to throw at the kids as they went down the street. That was pretty fun.
This is Austin's best friend Makayla.  She is one tough girl. She's pulling her brother in the wagon and pedaled the entire way!

After that we did some furniture shopping, took a nap, the went to a BBQ and pool party at a friend's house that was DELICIOUS! Then after that we drove out to Granbury and parked near the lake and watched the fireworks with a few other families.  Tyler was a trooper and had to go to work today. I'm beat!

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