Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gold Standard Student

I have a lot to catch up on so these next few posts will be some quick highlights since Austin's birthday last February!  Austin was in the Spanish Immersion Kindergarten program at his school.  He had the BEST teacher, Senora Koppes.  She is full of energy and fun, yet has a very disciplined, well behaved class.  Austin loved her!  He won the award of being a Gold Standard Student.  They choose one student in all the pre-K and Kindergarten classes at the school every 6 weeks.  He was so excited and got to wear his shirt every Friday for the rest of the school year...which he always made sure he wore.  Austin excelled in Kindergarten and went from not reading hardly at all to reading in English and Spanish and writing full sentences with punctuation in Spanish and English! We are excited for Blake to go to Kindergarten this next year and have his same teacher. Way to go Austin!

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