Thursday, July 28, 2016

Pumping Some Iron!

 Why do I exercise while pregnant?  To keep up with these 3 shenanigans! I LOVE this picture my friend Emily took of my boys a month before Drew arrived. We had to give Cody fruit snacks to be in the picture but his face is picture perfect!
I think I was about 38 weeks in this picture.  Still squattin'!  
Here I am at 40.5 weeks pregnant doing incline bench
 This is me as well at 40.5 weeks doing alligator pushups across the gym floor
 And here are some AMAZING ladies I workout with at the YMCA.  The class is called "Fit Camp" led by our awesome trainer Jim!  They encouraged and supported me the entire way.  Love these ladies!!!

And one last photo of me working out while pregnant! This is me 12 DAYS AFTER MY DUE DATE! Yes you heard me...My friend put on an obstacle course at her ranch and I couldn't NOT do it! One part of it was jump roping 100 jumps. You should have seen the rest of it! 

Jumping over boxes
Moving 4 medicine balls various distances
Climbing up and over the spider web jungle gym
Burpees with 15 pound weights
Kayaking across the pond
zigzagging through cones
5 tire flips
5 sledge hammer smacks on the tire
balance beam
100 jump rope jumps
balance beam 
Crawl under a bench (I alligator crawled next to it cuz I couldn't fit!)
one foot in each ring
Sprint to the finish line

I thought FOR SURE this would put me into labor...but no such luck! 

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