Thursday, July 28, 2016

NOLA Trip - New Orleans - PART III

 Good thing we got our van right before our trip! We got to squeeze Janelle and Hazel in with us on our drive from Hattiesburg to NOLA.  Chris was going to meet us down there.
 First stop was the Aquarium
 We looked like a polygamous family walking around before Chris showed up. Janelle and I were both pregnant and Hazel looked like she belonged to Tyler.

 A very rare Albino Crocodile at the aquarium.  It looked like it was glowing!
 We were told we HAD to get the beignets from Cafe du Monde! And they did not disappoint!
 My first time seeing the Mississippi River! It was HUGE! and dirty
 Eat our beignets along the Mississippi River

 Next stop was the Insectarium. This was a really cool place! And of course the Slug Bug was a huge hit
 The boys ate some cookies with a beetle baked into it!  Austin was a little hesitant but ended up eating it.  Blake was pretty upset there was a bug in it and would not eat his.
 I don't think Cody had any idea what he was eating...he just wanted a cookie!

 Butterfly Exhibit! I loved this place

 I love the colors in this picture! My chacos I've had for EVER (9-10 years) and my fresh pedicure!
 Butterfly landed on Chris's head! We all stayed in a little house (AirBnB) and it was so cute and New Orleansish!  

We walked through the French Quarters and ate at a place called "Daisy Duke's"! We had a lot of fun hanging out with Chris and Janelle!  And although New Orleans was great...overall it was not a kid friendly place.  But we're glad we made the trip out and experienced the things we did! Love making memories!

 On our drive home we stopped in Houston to drop Tyler off at a work training that he would be at for an entire week.  We stopped and ate dinner with one of my friend's from back home and then she was nice enough to let us come back and hang out the next day before we drove home. 

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