Thursday, July 28, 2016

NOLA Trip Mar 2016 - PART I

We decided to take at trip down to Mississippi to visit Tyler's brother Chris and wife Janelle and cute little girl Hazel. On our drive down one of our pit stops was at a Disc Golf Course...of course...The video is of me doing 2 pull-ups and I think I was 34/35 weeks pregnant at this point...

 I am more of a lets just drive and get there...Tyler likes to make stops and drive 10 minutes off the beaten path to get to a stop...Drives me a little crazy but it's always fun in the end...They all loved throwing the frisbee around.  What's being in the car an extra hour when your 35 weeks pregnant right?
 We stopped and stayed in a cabin on our way up...Can't remember where it was now...We went on a fun hike and saw lots of awesome bugs and trees and flowers. (pssst...Tyler says it was at Hodges Gardens State Park, LA...hehe)
 Tyler cookin' up some dutch oven dinner! Chili Mac and it was a HIT!
 That's a BIG pinecone...
 Austin catching lizards on the back porch
 On the hike practicing being frogs before entering the BOG
 Waterfall Pose!
 Teaching the boys some absolutely necessary Geology info...There was something really cool about this rock and now I don't remember what it was...Guess I wasn't listening. HA! (pssst...Tyler says it's a giant piece of petrified wood, actually more like an entire section of petrified trunk...hehe)
And here's my belly...I felt so much smaller with Drew this time around then with Cody but I feel like I look pretty big for being 34/35 weeks...

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