Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lyette's Visit

 I was sooooo lucky that my best friend from Elementary School decided to spend her Spring Break here with me in Texas!  She brought her two kids Cedric and Quinn with her and we had such a good time! One day we went to Flight Deck where the kids bounced and bounced.

 Blake and Cedric had fun lining up all these foam cubes
 Another day we went to the zoo.  Quinn and Cody eating their cake pops!
 They spent a lot of time in the backyard digging in the dirt

 Quinn climbing the treehouse. She is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

 They all passed out in the car! A mark of a great day.
 We also rode the kid train which was the highlight for Cedric.  He is crazy in love with trains! 
 We played volleyball one night with a group of friends.
 I must say I was VERY impressed with Lyette's volleyball skills.  We were on the same JV team in high school and even though she hasn't played much since then she was definitely one of the better girl players on the court.  Here I was 38 weeks pregnant still jumping and spiking the ball!
Oh to have a GIRL!!!!  Thanks so much for visiting us!! Cody still will talk about Cedric every now and then.

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