Sunday, August 17, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 3 - Stadium of Fire

 My brother in law Brad hooked us all up with Stadium of Fire tickets while we were in Utah.  We got 2 babysitters for 12 kids and headed out.  Cody was lucky he got to come with us! and boy did he love it! He was glued to the show.  There were so many cool performances it was so much better than I even imagined!
 The firework show was amazing. Best I've ever seen!  I loved that they did the fireworks to music. 
 Still awake!
Carrie Underwood performed that night after all the pre-acts and boy was she good!  It took FOREVER getting out of the parking lot after and we made an illegal dash out of a gate but luckily got through.  Thank goodness Tyler was driving and takes risks like that. :)

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