Friday, August 1, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 2 - FOURTH OF JULY

 Since the Provo Parade was JAMPACKED the entire day before we decided to make our own parade in my sister's neighborhood.  Tyler went out and bought some supplies for the kids to decorate with and then loaded up the truck and headed out.  Jana texted her neighbors to come out so we could throw candy at them.  This was the BEST idea ever!  We got to be in the parade and we didn't end up with ANY candy leftover!
 We also shot off a rocket that day with baking soda and vinegar.  Jamie's attempt failed...
 So Bryson read the instructions and followed them to the T and Wallah! The rocket shot off!  Leave it to Bryson
 Lily made an animal balloon all by herself! I was very impressed.
 Hanging out on the front porch in the shade where it was actually cool! In the shade! I love this weather.
 All dressed up and ready for the parade.
 Sitting on top of Spencer's head.  Tyler's brother was in the Provo Parade for Namify earlier that morning and was the mascot.  So he was dressed in all black with this foam head running around.  The kids loved it!
 Pushing the kids in the parade
Everybody wanted to ride in the truck of course.
 Blake got to sit up front with Uncle Spencer!

 Austin rode his bike the whole way...twice! We were driving too slow for him apparently.  He'd ride way ahead and then loop back.  What a stud!

We loved spending holidays with the family!

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  1. Looks like you had a great trip! Love all the pictures! Miss you guys! :)