Monday, August 25, 2014

Blake Turns 3!

 Blake's birthday is July 21.  We had a small party for Blake right after we got home.  He is such a sweet kid.
 He gets nervous in the limelight at times...

And other times he shows off his stuff. 
I made him a cake that was blue like the sky with clouds.  That's about as creative as I got with this party! Oh well!

 Blake loves flying Planes.  Or watching the movie.  So Tyler made him this swing from scratch!  He got some plans online and then created his own thing.  It turned our AWESOME!!! The best part is he can climb on and off by himself and when you push him, it doesn't just go straight back and forward, it gets a twist going in it so it's like you're riding on a wild ride. :)

A little bit about Blake at this time in his life.  He doesn't like big crowds and is often found playing off on his own when we have a lot of people over.  Austin and him play so well together (most times).  Austin comes up with all the crazy ideas and Blake goes right along with it. One amazing thing about Blake is that if someone(Austin most of the time) asks him "nicely"(says please) Blake will hand over whatever he is playing with, even if it is his favorite toy. Of course if he isn't in the mood there are times when he won't, but he usually does and that is what impresses me most.

We love you Blake!

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