Friday, August 1, 2014

Utah Trip: Part 1 - Utah

 We finally made it to Utah! Wahoo!!! Tyler and I both missed the mountains, but didn't quite realize it until we drove into Salem.  We got together with Tyler's brothers and two sisters-in-law.  The boys snuggled right up with Uncle Chan.
 We visited Tyler's grandparents, and the boys had fun playing in the trees in their living room.
 Swinging was fun!
 Grandpa Al and Grandma June.  It was so fun to visit with them and eat dinner with them just like old times!
 We finally got to meet Hazel! This is Cody's first cousin on Tyler's side.  And of course it was a girl! I think they will get along great.

Grandpa Al also passed on some of his woodworking tools to Tyler which we hauled back in a U-Haul trailer. Tyler has already put them to good use.

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