Friday, August 1, 2014

Utah Trip: MOAB

 We stopped in Moab to do some hiking and it was even better than I thought it would be! It was so cool! Well, the temperature was incredibly hot, but we survived.  Cody did awesome! He loved hiking and would smile at people coming toward us so we got lots of smiles from strangers.
 Tyler was a trooper carrying Blake a good portion of the way.  Blake's not quite the hiking type yet.  Austin hitched a ride too but not as much as Blake.  I think the sun takes a lot out of Blake.
 Resting after our hike to the Windows

 I love this picture! Tyler is wearing a piggyback rider and we got stopped by so many people to see what it was that he was standing on.  Tyler just found it online and it's so nice with it being so lightweight.  We even had people who wanted to take a picture of it.

 On our hike to Balanced Rock, Austin loved seeing all the miniature balanced rocks people had made along the way.  He started collecting rocks in his bug catcher and wanted to make his own balanced rock.  He's pointing to the one he built. :)

 Just me and my chubalub!
 Tyler and Austin are up top.  Austin was quite the adventurist climbing all over the rocks up high.

 Blake was a bit more hesitant, as you can see him scooting around...
 Jumping picture!
 More Jumping!
It would be so fun to come back to Moab when the kids are older and can do some longer hikes.  This was a great stop along the way.

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