Friday, August 1, 2014

Utah Trip: First Stop Santa Fe!

 We started our trip to Utah in the evening on June 29 and after we spent the night in Lubbock and visited the Williams(friends who used to live in Fort Worth) we made our first stop in Santa Fe.  We got up early and rode a bus up the mountain to Bandelier.  Here we are in front of the visitor center
 It was a scorcher out! Sooo hot and there wasn't much shade as we hiked along the mountainside.  In Bandelier there used to be Indians who lived in cliff dwellings.  So you'd hike along the cliff side and climb up a ladder into a little cave that the indians had carved out and lived in.
 Here's Austin, Blake, and Tyler making their way up.  It was amazing how cool the cave was inside.  It was instantly 15-20 degrees cooler than outside.  Some were small. but some were large and we could all fit inside and stand up and walk around.
 The boys loved the hike back down over the creek and in the trees
 The  boys had bug catcher nets and spent a good deal of the time on the second half catching box elder bugs and looking for bugs on this rock.  We didn't mind stopping for a rest and sitting in the shade.
 On our way back on the bus ride
 On the bus after our hike
Here we all our inside a cliff dwelling.(out of order) The entire hike was just over a mile, and I'm so glad we brought lots of water!

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  1. It was fun to see you guys! Looks like we'll have to check out Santa Fe sometime!