Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Stop - Cuenca

 After we got off the plane we drove to Cuenca which was just over an hour away.  Cuenca is well known for it's "Hanging Houses".  Houses built hanging over the edge of cliffs above a river.  The first person we met was the streetsweeper Fernando.  He gave me my first Spanish greeting (kissing both cheeks) and showed us this cool alleyway across from an art gallery that had crystal glass doors so you could take your picture from the reflection.  If you look close you can see me jumping sideways in the air.
 First pit stop was in the basement of a bar to use their restroom.  I was VERY impressed with ALL public restrooms we used in Spain.  Especially gas stations/grocery stores/restaurants.  They were all SUPER clean!  It seemed as though the owners prided themselves in keeping it clean to impress their customers.
 First lunch stop was a random place we just hopped into and it HIT THE SPOT!  We both ordered Kabobs. One chicken and one beef.  My chicken tasted like it was right off the spit. 
 This is an example of the homes hanging over the cliffs edge...definitely more impressive in person but you get the idea.
 Tyler's family has some home videos of them walking across this bridge so I was so excited to see it in person.  It used to be a stone Roman bridge with 5 arches.  The arches have now broken apart recently so they built this bridge 30 years ago. 
 This is the Parador.  An old castle they have now converted into a tourist site and hotel.  It was really nice inside.
 Parador from afar.
 Posing on the bridge.
 Looking straight up this cliff wall to a house.
 We hiked around the backside of the city and came across these small ruins...interesting artwork inspired by those under the influence I'm sure....
Holding up the ruins!

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