Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 My next favorite place we stayed was Granada.  We rented a room from a lady in downtown and it was super nice!  Here is the door to enter the building.  It was a pretty cool door.
 All over Spain the streets are sooo narrow! And cars DRIVE down these streets.  Some are so tight you have to jump inside the doorways so you are flush with the walls so you don't get hit. Keeps things exciting.
 Tuesday night we ate at a nice place.  I had Salmon with a citrus sauce and veggies...notice the food is not overtaking the plate. Everywhere we ate in Spain, we did not go away hungry, yet we did not have any leftovers.  The people of Spain are very slender.  We did not see a lot of extremely overweight people/obesity...They don't eat a lot of red meat or fried food...Lots of fish!   
 Tyler's first Paella!!! It was really good! We also had some Croquetas as a starter and those were AMAZING!
 For dessert we headed to Los Italianos for some all natural ice cream. Half pineapple and half chocolate truffle.  That was THE BEST pineapple ice cream I have EVER tasted. It tasted exactly like pineapple! Who'da thought?
 Wednesday we ate a big breakfast and headed out to meet our mountain biking tour guide.  He was so great!  Originally from Scotland, but decided to start his business here in Spain.  He lived off the grid in a self sustainable home with no electricity provided by the city.  They use solar panels and batteries. Tyler had some great conversations with this guy.  We spent 4 hours on the trails going up the mountain, then going up and over a small village, and riding down STAIRS to the bottom of the town.  YES I SAID STAIRS! I'll be honest I hopped off the bike a couple times when it got really narrow and tight and I lost my balance. But I survived without any scrapes or broken bones!
 We stopped at the top of the town and got a great picture with the Alhambra in the background which is a famous Castle and major tourist site which we would go check out later that day.
Here is a picture later that same day at the Alhambra pointing to the town we rode our bikes over! So cool!  I remember seeing that rock wall that used to guard the town.

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