Sunday, June 7, 2015


 I will be blogging a lot of details about our trip to Spain so I can look back and remember it.  So here goes the first post! We left our kids with my sister Kara and set off on our 10 day adventure kid free!
 I've never been on a long flight before-never left the country!!!-so this was my first meal on a plane! It tasted like hospital food, which to me really isn't that bad when you're hungry!

 Our second meal.  Lots of carbs!  Even on the plane we were eating like Spaniards.
 Coming in to Spain!
 I got my first stamp in my passport!  We made it!

We tried sleeping on the plane but only caught some snoozes here and there.  We got to Spain in the morning and went to our first stop.  I passed out in the car on our way and Tyler sneakily took a picture.

Just as we were leaving on our trip I grabbed a random book off our bookshelf to read and it ended up being "On the Run" by Jack Weyland.  There was a note inside the book from Tyler's parents who bought the book for him and they gave it to him while they were living in Spain!!! Coincidence??? I THINK NOT!

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