Sunday, June 7, 2015

Parador Alarcon

 After Cuenca we drove to Alarcon to stay in this beautiful castle called Parador Alarcon.  Tyler had reserved the room in the highest tower! We had a couple doors we could open and walk out onto the top tower and poke our heads through the ramparts. Our bag didn't make it on our flight so this was a good place to stay the first night since they supplied all toiletries for us and it had a really cool stand alone tub.
 That night we ate downstairs and the food was AMAZING!!! We had monkfish/salmon, shrimp, Iberian Jamon(thinly sliced pork) with finely grated tomato on toast, and potatoes.  With a side of fresh fruit of the season.  The Fruit was AMAZING! For dessert we had this fruit sorbet which is the picture above.  Sour apple and orange sorbet with fresh fruit beneath. 

The next morning our breakfast was tortilla espanola, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and yogurt, toast and sweet breads GALORE!  We got the freshly squeezed orange juice(BEST DRINK EVER), and then topped it off at the end with hot chocolate and churros. The hot chocolate there tastes like melted chocolate and it is super thick.  I was on a MAJOR sugar high after this breakfast and went and slept it off back in our room.  I was so tired from jet lag! Tyler watched some high quality soccer.
 After my nap, we went out to explore the outdoors around the castle.  This was the sister castle to the Alarcon that was across a river.  

 El Cid is the famous knight who drove away the Moors.  This is his logo we found on a post on our hike.  Tyler's hero! He has a replica of his short sword that he got in Spain when he lived here previously from age 9-11.
 This is the view we had as we were standing by the sister castle. IT WAS AMAZING!!!! Can't you just picture the old scene with knights guarding the castle? All the castles were located on top of a hill as a defensive strategy.  Tyler was pumping my brain full of cool historical facts this entire trip.

 The small city of Alarcon had one place to eat lunch which had some stray cats just waiting for customers to drop their food.  The food was REALLY good!  For a starter I had the ensalada rusa which was a egg/mayo/potato/veggie salad,  And Tyler had Gaspacho(soup). 
 Main dish was lamb chops and chicken on potatoes(thick fries). Oops Tyler! You blinked!
We found these huge water cisterns outside the castle.  They were huge inside! Obviously, to hold a lot of water.

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