Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday To Me!

 After breakfast with the Ponce Family we headed out on a 5 hour drive to Granada.  Tyler had planned a couple stops along the way and the first one was this secret Pirate's cove (Cala Concha)...Not so secret after all.  Tyler was super excited to swim at this beautiful beach with gorgeous Mediterranean sea water and white sand, surrounded by incredible structural geology...
 As we started hiking down we saw a man sitting in a chair facing the ocean...as we got closer we both asked each other..."Does he have any clothes on??"  I stayed behind the rock wall while Tyler went to scope things out...Tyler confirmed this 60+ year old man was indeed naked, but told us we were welcome to swim at the beach. I was less than excited to proceed, so we decided to go the opposite direction.  We waded though some rocky water and rock climbed up the backside and sat and enjoyed the ocean view from the rocks.
 We started getting creative with some jumping pictures!
 And yes, this is as far as Tyler's legs will go...
The rocks we were on had teeny tiny conch shells all over!
  They were so cute!
Tyler was pretty bummed about the beach but we made our own fun!

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  1. Such great pictures! I cry every time I read a new post. Now you won't feel left out when you hear the Spain stories over and over and over again. :) Wonderful memories!!!