Friday, June 26, 2015

PART 1: Alhambra

After mountain biking we went to a major tourist attraction called the Ahlambra. For a more historical accurate description on the Ahlambra feel free to click this link:
 The short version is it's an ancient palace/fortress that is HUGE!!! You could spend an entire day in this palace and not see everything.  Unfortunately we only had a few hours. A lot of restoration has gone on to help preserve this history.  Our tickets were to see a special closed off portion of the Ahlambra and they only let a certain number of people go through every half hour.
 Every part of this building has an incredible amount of detail and design.  I can't imagine how many hours were spent chipping away at all that stone.
This was one courtyard we saw with a really cool fountain.  The engineers of this age were brilliant!  They used waterflow and aquaducts to cool the palace.  You can see a straight carved out line coming from the fountain on the ground.  This was filled with water and it flowed very slowly throughout the palace.  Wherever there was water, the rooms were significantly cooler. 
This is a picture of one small portion of a wall close up.  This is how intricate the designs were ALL OVER!!! Every. Single. Wall. and Ceiling!

Again all this is carefully carved out stone...We didn't take the time to actually learn how they built this place. So they may have cut out the stone and then glued it to the walls somehow...but either way, it took a lot of work. And it was beautiful!

 Example of an archway between two rooms and you can see the ceilings on either side.
This was the King's room.  Tyler is standing where the Royal Bed used to be.

Pretending to be a goofy monk

Tyler has a picture next to these cannons when he was little so we HAD to take a picture here. :)

These looked like lion door knockers, but they were HUGE and all over the outside of this wall of the palace.  I thought they were pretty cool.

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