Friday, June 26, 2015

PART 2: Alhambra Gardens

After the tour of the inside we headed outside to the Gardens.  We were both tired from mountain biking in the heat all day so we busted out some Spanish candy we got at the store that Tyler remembered loving as a kid. That perked us right up! From then on we started taking goofy pictures and laughing our heads off!

 Jumping Pics
 See Tyler in the background through the fountain
 Now my turn!
 Not sure what this was...

Tyler found a Horse in the rocks so he decided to pose like Man From Snowy River as he's riding his horse down steep mountain.
 I was really hoping to pick an orange from a tree sometime we were here in Spain but at least I got a close-up picture with one! We had some DELICIOUS oranges and fresh squeezed orange juice while we were here.
 This was a cool place. And remember all these fountains were working due to manipulating water pressure!
Our stroll out of the gardens.

 We were INCREDIBLY hungry and ran into a guy advertising for this restaurant.  They had an awesome promotion going on so he walked us over and of course Tyler has a conversation with him that somehow turned into a short gospel discussion.
We had some delicious Paella and Guspache for starters.  I can't remember what our main dish was.  A few places we went to the first course they brought out was so much tastier than the main course! The deal also came with a free appetizer of fried fish and some Sangria...oops! We didn't realize Sangria is their "Spanish Wine".
 While we were eating there was a religious procession that came down the street.  There were people underneath carrying this huge float looking thing.  It had to be so hot under there!
A short while later this came down the street as well.  There are a lot of Catholic Cathedrals around here that were gorgeous!

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