Monday, August 20, 2012

Chris and Janelle's Wedding!

 Finally I have my pictures and my sister in law's pictures of Chris and Janelle's Wedding! Which was the reason we went on our vacation in the first place.  They were married in the Redlands Temple in Southern California.  Also, I now have my camera with allllllll my pictures from our vacation and I am in HEAVEN!!! Heavenly Father sure was looking out for me.
 Oh Happy Day!  That was the phrase on there wedding announcements which I loved! This pictures says it all.
 Tyler's family minus Spencer, who JUST got home from his mission and is coming to visit us soon
 Awesome getaway car!
 The reception was sooo cute! There was so much of Janelle's personal touch to it with her very original style. I loved it!
 First Dance
 Family Pic
Aunt Ernie, Aunt Beth, Grandpa Dan, Grandma C, Aunt Sarah, and Jane (Tyler's mom)  Let me tell you this bunch is a spicy bunch!!! Never a dull moment with them.  Amanda, Devrey, and I went shopping with these guys earlier that day and we were laughing in the car the entire time.
 Austin had to touch the tires of course...and get his hands all dirty
 Tyler Aunt Sarah, Brittan, Nicole, Andrew, and Uncle Rob.  This was my first time meeting Sarah and Andrew.  I'd met the other part of the family once before.
 All the nieces and nephews
 Blake and I.  Janelle made all the boys bow-ties.  They are adorable.  Too bad Austin won't wear his.
 Blake and Brittany.
Blake started walking 100% on this trip.  He's been a good walker and hardly falls down from the time he started.  Makes my life easier!  I'm so excited to have Janelle in the family.  The girls are  starting to creep their way in!  We'll be overtaking all those boys in no time.

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