Monday, August 27, 2012


We went kayaking up in McCall.  This was sooo much fun. We're pretty sure we will be getting a kayak of our own in the near future. 
 As soon as we started walking towards the kayaks Austin got super excited and started yelling Boat! Boat! and running around and jumping and making weird noises like he usually does when he's excited.  We got a few laughs from strangers.
 The weather was PERFECT! It was sooo beautiful.  The water was completely calm and we could explore all over.
 Blake loved sticking his hand in the water too, so it usually ended up either I paddling by myself while Tyler held on to Blake's Life Jacket or vice versa.
 Grandpa got to take both boys with him at some point.
We had to entertain Blake as much as we could so he wouldn't jump over the edge.  Tyler's feeding him macaroni behind me.
 We spotted a rope swing and couldn't let it pass by! Get Ready....
 TA DA!!!!
 Tyler's ninja jump!
 Beautiful scenery!
Grandpa's paddling was so smooth Austin couldn't help falling asleep
Devrey even had a butterfly land in her hair! This trip was well worth the 3 hour drive there and 3 hour drive back...even when we were in the car the entire day before. Austin and Blake did much better in the car than we thought they would.  Thanks to everyone for entertaining them!

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