Thursday, August 2, 2012

Walla Walla Fun!

 Isn't my niece Kate the cutest! I love how she's posing in the mirror.
 We went swimming 3 or 4 times in my friend's pool.  It was great to get the kids away from the house so whoever stayed behind could have some QUIET time...Here I am with my sister Kara.  She is the BEST babysitter every and she sure got her fill this week.
 Lily and Kate. I couldn't help putting this one on. Aren't they adorable??
 Brooks was so sweet and gave Blake the ball to throw to him.  Blake would throw it, but it wouldn't quite make it to him.

 Austin kept saying, "Look mom, I'm swimming!"  While crawling along the bottom of the pool
 Doesn't Blake look like a chunker here?
 If you look closely at Jana's tummy you can tell she's pregnant.
Austin and Brooks.
 I have so many fun memories swimming at this pool growing up. Here I am doing a front flip
and a back dive.  I wasn't brave enough to do the backflip...I'm a bit rusty.  We even got my mom to go off the diving board and got a GREAT picture of her...but I won't embarass her by posting it.  I was just impressed she even jumped off. 


  1. Wow Rach! I wish I was there! Fun to see ya at my house and swimming, jealous doesn't even begin to describe my thoughts!

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  3. Thank you Rachel for not posting the picture:)