Friday, August 31, 2012


 OK.OK. I know I've posted a zillion pictures of our trip but these are just about the last of them.  Here Austin and Brooks hitting trees.  Austin loves to wack things and these trees can take it.
 We went over to our neighbor's house to check out their peacocks and Austin hopped on their lawn mower and wanted to ride it...
 Austin loved playing with his older cousins, Nathan and Daylen.  He loved tackling them too.
 Tackling Grandpa!
 Riding grandpa. My dad was a good sport
 Roasting smores in the backyar.
 Grandpa Goodwin and Blake.  It was so fun to hang outside all day long and all evening long!
 Fixing the ol' Bonneville.
 Checking out under the hood
 Lori, Jamie, Jana, and I.  My youngest sister Kara stayed home and babysat the 9 grandkids! She fed them dinner and put them to bed. WOW! We all went to the temple with Lori who is serving her mission in Reno, NV.  Do you like the hair colors we all have as sisters?
The fam,. minus Kara.

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