Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Grass Valley

 We had such a blast at Tyler's Grandparent's house in Grass Valley.  There was so much to do.  Austin loved playing with this wooden train set.
 Lots of relaxin and swinging on the back porch! Grandma Jane with Blake
 Austin loved this annoying gun....SOMEONE kept giving it to him. :)
 He can't get enough of riding the horsie. 
 My ALL TIME favorite shot of Austin! I'm blowing this one up for sure.  When I lost my camera the first thing I thought was....I WON'T HAVE THIS PICTURE.  I just about flew back to California with him just so I could get another picture.
 We also did lots of 4-wheelin.  Great Grandpa Dan, Amanda, and Austin
 And more...
 and more...If Austin heard it running....he went running to find it
 Swing time!
 Love this shot
 And this one!!! This swing they got from the Amish people and I loved it!!!
 Blake loved the horsie too.
 Shooting home made bow and arrow
 Of course Blake had to have a turn
Blake and Aunt Ernie...More pictures to come! I figured I should split them up since I have too many good ones. :)

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