Thursday, August 23, 2012

Work Hard, Play Hard

 Here is another fun 4-wheeling picture with Grandpa Hair
 Austin and Grandpa Dan.  Austin got to watch him cut up a smaller tree that had fallen.  Grandpa Dan loved showing him how it worked
 Austin worked hard picking up the cut up pieces and putting them in the trailer.  I was surprised at how well and how long he worked!  Hopefully he keeps that up.
 Aunt Beth had the brilliant idea of keeping Austin busy by "painting" the back porch with water.  He loved it and started painting everything!  I got to sit back and relax and soak up the sun in my chair.
 Austin's first time shooting a gun!
 He took it very seriously
 The best was watching Jane shoot.  She shot a few and then said, that's enough for me! and was done.
 I hit the target on my first shot! So did Devrey.  Us girls stick together.
Blake and Austin love their Aunt Devrey.  She loved playing with them and watching them which let me do other fun stuff.
After a long day of playing and working...he finally konked out.  Next to the fireplace. While driving his trucks. :)

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