Friday, August 3, 2012

The Tree

 While I was at home we had a HUGE limb break off our HUGE tree.  I spent a good amount of time climbing this tree when I was younger so it was a bit sad to see the branch come down...which is the one I spent most of my time on...maybe that's why it broke? :)
 We spent two mornings pruning the smaller branches off and hauling them up our hill to our dump pile.  The weather was hot! 95-100 degrees, but it was nothing like Texas heat.  I loved it! I could stay outside all day and not die.
This is about 3/4 of the branch which also took down another larger branch below it.  After we pruned off all the small branches, Bryson, my brother-in-law and my dad took a chain saw and cut the rest of the branches.  I spent the day hauling those up our hill as well.  Then Bryson got trimming happy and trimmed the trees that line our driveway, our dogwood tree, and the willow tree.  I loved it though!  It's been a while since I've done hard work like that.

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